On Friday June 29th, Poison Arrow presents…

A Special Live performance by Minimal Wave Records artists: IN TRANCE 95 a + Dj set by Label head VERONICA VASICKA.

Also on the night a Dj set by Poison Arrow’s NATALIA ESCOBAR.

At Kater Holzig- Stadl room (the outside barn/hut)
Michael Kirchstrasse 22, 10179 Berlin, Germany


→ Reissuing long-forgotten dusty gems of obscure early 80s synth experimentalism, Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave imprint is one of the most intriguing underground music portals in the world. Characterised by DIY performances, raw electronic sounds and a punk attitude, over the last seven years Vasicka’s compilations, mixes and East Village Radio show have helped expose hitherto unheralded artists such as Das Ding, Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, Felix Kubin and Hard Corps to a new generation.


→ In Trance 95 was formed by Alex Machairas and Nik Veliotis when they were just 18 years old. From its inception, the duo shaped their sound using portable analogue synthesizers and drum machines, becoming one of the first artists in the minimal synth / cold wave / electro-pop vein to come out of Greece in the 80s. In February of 2012 In Trance 95 appeared at the volume 2 of the very respected and critically acclaimed “Minimal Wave Tapes” series with their track “Presidente” that originally was recorded to be their second single in 1989. By the end of May their album “Shapes In A New Geometry” was completed and comes out in June featuring half of the new material the duo has wrote.


→ Natalia Escobar has been busy of late with her new Poison Arrow project, first in the studio producing music that could be considered a blend of Colombian passion crime pop lyrics with a synth driven production style and now curating Poison Arrow events. Look forward to upcoming releases and more events under the Poison Arrow moniker.