Due to popular demand, we have decided to do a limited repress of our tenth release by Blackpool band Das Kabinette. They were known mainly for their underground hit “The Cabinet”, which was originally released as a 7” single in 1983, and later appeared on V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes : Volume 1 in 2010. The song is inspired by the 1920 classic silent horror film The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari, a highly influential film of the German expressionistic era. The film is themed around: the madness of society, the inner workings of the human mind and the paranoia of a country in the aftermath of a war.  Fascinated and inspired by both the themes and visuals of the film, Das Kabinette wrote the song “The Cabinet” during their second visit to the studio in 1983, and self-released it later that year on their own Klosette Records label. They also created a primitive video whilst at art college, to go along with the song. “The Cabinet” was aired on BBC Radio 1 on several occasions and was a solid underground hit. Unfortunately the band dissolved several years later. We made contact with them in 2007 and aside from remastering the 7” single tracks, culled together a collection of unreleased studio tracks. Those were then released in January 2008 as Spy Thriller. The record sold out quickly soon after. Finally, we present to you a repress of Spy Thriller on 180 gram ultra clear vinyl, limited to 999 hand numbered copies complete with a heavy weight die-cut matte jacket, with a printed inner sleeve which shows through the window. Lyrics included on the innersleeve. Vinyl will be available in early March 2013. Digital release to follow.

The Cabinet (1983)

The mysterious Doctor Sonnow
Over the asylum now presides
In his alias as Doctor Caligari
The fairground’s a dark place to hide

“In my cabinet lies Cesare
Who has slept these twenty five years
Cesare knows all secrets
Ask him to look into your future”

“How long shall I live?”
“Until dawn”
“How long shall I live?”
“Until dawn”

In the cabinet of Doctor Caligari
Lies Cesare with his black-lidded eyes
The somnambulist awaits the Doctor’s commands
And obeys as another man dies

In Doctor Caligari’s cabinet
Cesare knows all secrets
In Doctor Caligari’s cabinet
Cesare knows all secrets

Over the rooftops of Holstenwall
Cesare carries off a girl named Jane
The ensuing downfall of the Doctor comes
When they find that he, himself, is insane
(In the cabinet)


Carousel (Intro)
The Cabinet
Something's On Your Mind
Next In Line
The Evil Of His Kiss
Spy Thriller
Fudge It