Lost and Late

Martin Dupont

Lost and Late




  • 1.
    Just Because (Remix 1985)
  • 2.
    No Hands
  • 3.
  • 4.
    I Love The Lovers
  • 5.
    Other Souvenir
  • 6.
    Your Passion
  • 7.
    Shake Your Flowers
  • 8.
    Without Face
  • 9.
    It's No Use
  • 10.
    Lost And Late
  • 11.
    Just Because
  • MW012

The twelfth release on Minimal Wave is the long awaited “Lost And Late” LP, by one of the biggest cult bands of the French New Wave scene, Martin Dupont. This release brings you selected cassette tracks from the Inédits 81-83, the Your Passion 7” and the original version of ‘Just Because’ as it appeared on the Just Because LP. The release is a limited edition of 999 pressed on 180 gram vinyl, accompanied by a heavy cardstock insert printed with old band photographs by Michel Bresson. Huge thanks to Lorenzo Mattotti for the beautiful cover painting. Full sample image here.

* Denotes bonus track(s) available only on a CD / Digital version of this release, if a CD / Digital version of this release is available


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