We Are Strange Loops EP


We Are Strange Loops EP



  • MWX026

This debut LP by Innergaze is chock full of rugged hand played analog synths lines, primitive drum machines, haunting vocals, and psychic jewelry. Call it synthwave, call it punk, call it “metaphysical body music” or at this juncture whatever one sees fit, but this duo’s music goes beyond naming names for the sake of it.

From the freaky, unrelenting opener “No Shame” to the Chris & Cosey-esque “La La La,” this record creates many aural worlds to inhabit and explore. The title track “We Are Strange Loops” bubbles at a slow, hazy drug induced bpm, while “Illusions,” with it’s distorted almost guitar-like synth lines and stripped down 808 programming, brings things right back to the dance floor. The ideas and feelings executed here are a direct outpouring of what happens when the machines are turned on, played and recorded. “This is raw, spontaneous, move-your-body music”. Hand silkscreened by the artists themselves, limited quantities available. Sound samples coming soon.