The Dadacomputer

Five Times Of Dust

The Dadacomputer



  • 1.
    Missile Logic T
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Fear Of Programming
  • 4.
    Girl With A VDU
  • 5.
  • 6.
    Computer Bank
  • 7.
    Construct Z/45
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Punchcard Sex
  • 10.
    Production Line (No Human)
  • 11.
    The Dadacomputer
  • 12.
    Computer Violence
  • MW046

We’re proud to present a limited edition reissue of one of our favorite cassettes, The Dadacomputer. The Dadacomputer was the first incarnation of what would later become Five Times Of Dust. It was the result of a collaboration between Robert Lawrence and Mark Phillips who came together during the summer of 1981 living between Bristol and Cardiff, UK. They collaborated by sending tapes back and forth through the mail and also worked together in their respective home studios. Later that year, they self-released The Dadacomputer on both MAP tapes and Quick Stab. Roughly 100 copies were made in total and soon sold out.

We discovered the tape a few years back with great excitement and favored one track in particular, Computer Bank. Soon after we tracked down Robert Lawrence and licensed it for The Hidden Tapes compilation. The track was an instant hit, both at home and on the dance floor. The limited cassette run of The Dadacomputer will be released on May 4th, in conjunction with the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair. It is essentially an introduction to the world of Five Times Of Dust. A double LP of selections from the vast Five Times Of Dust archives (over 15 hours of recordings) will soon follow, slated for release later this year.

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