Rarities (LP)

Hard Corps

Rarities (LP)



  • 1.
    Lucky Charm (Medora Road Version)
  • 2.
    Lovers And Strangers
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Killing Fields
  • 5.
    C'est Pas Moi
  • 6.
  • 7.
    Coeur Clos
  • 8.
  • 9.
    Rain In The UK
  • MW051-LP

We are pleased to announce a strictly limited edition release of rare tracks by UK legends Hard Corps. Hard Corps were true innovators of the 1980s UK synthpop scene. Apart from their releases on Survival and Polydor, Hard Corps gained some notoriety for their unique and uncompromising live shows throughout the 1980s. It was the juxtaposition between their hard edged industrial sound and the fragile and enigmatic vocals of French front woman Regine Fetet that created an unusual dichotomy, lending to their strength of character as a band and thus allowing them to stand out from the rest.

A 12” white label, released by Survival Records, containing the hammering rhythmic attack of Dirty and the softer, melodic, pulse of Respirer (To Breathe) was circulated around London’s dance floors. In no time a wave of attention hit them and throughout 1984 and into 1985 they dominated the independent pop charts.

John Peel championed them on his infamous late night Radio One show and they headlined at his ICA Rock Week in the Mall, London. By 1985 Hard Corps had signed with major label giants Polydor. This enabled the band to work with a couple of their favoured and respected producers, Martin Rushent (known mostly for his exceptional work with the Human League) and Depeche Mode producer and Mute Records supremo, Daniel Miller. These sessions provided the public with just one single due to the labels non-promotion, Je Suis Passée, a sweeping arrangement of breathtaking beauty, combining pumping sequences and sheer power of emotion of Regine’s voice.

The band went on a major tour with The Cure in 1985 and Depeche Mode in 1988, before finally disintegrating.

As a follow up to Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt (2012), Rarities compiles the outtakes and demos that were left behind. Tracks that truly never saw the light of day. They have finally been remastered and will be released as a cassette and 12” vinyl (edition of 300). The vinyl is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl, accompanied by a numbered 8” x 10” photographic print of the band. It will be available on December 5th.

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