Oppenheimer Analysis

Oppenheimer Analysis

Oppenheimer Analysis



  • 1.
    The Devil's Dancers
  • 2.
    Cold War
  • 3.
    Men in White Coats
  • 4.
  • MW001

We’re honored to present to you the fourth edition of our first release from Minimal Wave, Oppenheimer Analysis. The EP is presented in loving memory of Martin Lloyd (1950-2013 R.I.P.), one half of Oppenheimer Analysis. The EP is a fourth pressing (edition of 999 copies) on 180 gram vinyl of selected tracks from the Oppenheimer Analysis cassette entitled “New Mexico” released in 1982, as well as two others that were previously unreleased. Andy Oppenheimer (nuclear weapons consultant) and Martin Lloyd (previously involved in the Survival Label, also known for his project “Analysis”) formed Oppenheimer Analysis in the early 80’s shortly after meeting one another at a Science Fiction Convention in London. They opened up for such bands as Hawkwind and Spizz Energi, and were reviewed in Melody Maker back in the day. 999 numbered 180 gram vinyl copies, the first edition poster insert accompanies the first 100 copies of this edition. Note: the spot color on the sleeve is green on the first edition, deep blue-green on the second edition, light powder blue on the third edition, and mint green on this current fourth edition.

* Denotes bonus track(s) available only on a CD / Digital version of this release, if a CD / Digital version of this release is available


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