From Minimal Wave With Love


From Minimal Wave With Love



  • 1.
    Linear Movement - Way Out of Living
  • 2.
    Los Iniciados - La Marca de Anubis
  • 3.
    Bal Paré - Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son
  • 4.
    Sluik - Back to Burnsley
  • 5.
    Störung - Europe Calls
  • 6.
    M. Bryo - Show Me Your Hands
  • 7.
    Autumn - Time is on My Side
  • 8.
    Das Ding + Lab 80 - Kill Me
  • 9.
    Martin Dupont - Inside Out
  • 10.
    Unovidual + Tara Cross - Like I Am, Comme Je Suis
  • 11.
    Elisa Waut - Russia
  • 12.
    In Aeternam Vale - She's Hard Time to Breathe
  • MW062

We’re delighted to present a limited edition mixed tape of classic Minimal Wave tracks from our archive. Many of these tracks came out on vinyl releases that are now out of print. The 45 minute tape is housed in a clear PVC pouch, in a black shell with white imprint, with design inspired by the 1980s cassette release From Brussels With Love. The tape was first made available at the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair in NYC on May 14th, and the remaining copies are now available for sale through our website. Limited quantities available.

* Denotes bonus track(s) available only on a CD / Digital version of this release, if a CD / Digital version of this release is available


All sample clips are 30-90 seconds in length

Listening to the audio samples requires the Flash player plugin

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