Back To Burnsley


Back To Burnsley



  • 1.
    Back To Burnsley
  • 2.
    You've Got to Listen to Me
  • 3.
    I Felt A Bit / I was
  • MW004

Raw Dutch synthy wave at its best. Sluik recorded these tracks in his friend Mental’s bedroom studio in 1981. John Peel fell in love with one of his songs, entitled “Back to Burnsley” and played it on his BBC radio program 3 times in one week. He told his listeners to “go buy the record!” but unfortunately there was no record to be bought. We decided it was about time that these recordings be made available to the public. Limited to 300 numbered copies with special postcard insert.

Selected tracks from the V/A Hembrug Cassette, 1981. MW004, 7” vinyl released September 2006, limited to 300 copies.

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All sample clips are 30-90 seconds in length

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