Weltklang Interview (with Thomas Voburka)

Weltklang Interview (with Thomas Voburka)

Weltklang Interview (with Thomas Voburka)

  • 1. Where are you from originally Thomas?  And what was the music scene like growing up there?
    I’m from Vienna, Austria. In my youth there was no music scene there (only the Classical Johann Strauss Waltz scene).

    2. What music or bands were most inspiring to you growing up?
    Stooges, Kraftwerk, and Roxy Music.

    3. Did you grow up surrounded by music? Can you tell us a bit about your family backround and how it may have affected your music?
    My family was not interested in music at all, but i fell in love with music very early - when i heard the Beatles on the radio.

    4. How did you first meet the other people in your band, weltklang…and were there other minimal projects you were a part of?
    Weltklang was a project only for one day - just me, and Erwin, the guy who recorded the tape.

    5. Who handled the vocals and the electronics? 
    I did everything.

    6. What were the songs about? 
    DDR - the commie-part of germany

    7. What about Veb Heimat.  What is the story behind the 7”?
    I bought a new synthesizer - the roland sh-09 - plugged it into the amp and all the sounds where there - that’s the whole story.

    8. Were any demos recorded?
    No demos - just facts.

    9. Tell us what was the idea behind Exil-Systems. How did you meet Michael Schaeumer?
    We were both working in the same restaurant - the famous “Exil” (David Bowies favourite place) - in Berlin. When I did my first 7” - mono/45 upm - I named the label “exil-system”.

    10. What image do you think your music conveys?
    The dark side of the earth.

    11. What was the method to your making tracks, composing?
    Punk-method: just do it.

    12. What are the other people you worked with doing now?
    Michael Schwabe, from Mono, is a great physician, Robert Sommer (hits berlin) is doing some biz in China and Schaeumer keeps on going with music.

    13. Where did Weltklang tour if ever?
    No tour.

    14. What equipment did you use for your live shows?
    The Roland sh-09, tapes, snare-drum.

    15. Do you remember where and when you bought your first synth?
    My first synth (in 1973) was a home-made only one generator.

    16. Do you remember any bands you enjoyed touring with?
    Malaria (such a bunch of pretty girls)

    17. Do any songs from your career give you a particular satisfaction?
    Every one I did.

    18. When did you stop making music and for what reasons? and what did you start doing instead?
    I stopped, as I started - out of a mood.

    19. Can we expect any reissues of your back catalogue?
    Everything was reissued a several times. For people interested in my stuff I would strongly recommend the album “exil-system 1979-2004” on vinyl-on-demand, where you can find everything on extra-fine vinyl.

    20. Weltklang music was ahead of its time. Do you feel an affinity with today’s generation of listeners?
    It was the beginning of bleeps and bloings - it’s timeless music.

    21. Any plans or ambitions for the next couple years?
    Weltklang will perform some live-gigs in late 2005. Watch out for this. Due to the 25th anniversary.

    22. Any chance of getting another band together?
    No chance.

    23. Do tell us what your typical day consists of!
    Getting up in the morning and going to bed late. between?? that`s what I call privacy.

    24. How you think technology has affected music creation these days and do you welcome the changes? What do you listen to these days?
    Technology has always affected music and all the culture. I listen to hip-hop, techno and house - I`m a bit bored of the Strokes, but really enjoy the “White Stripes”.

    25. Can you send us a current photo to accompany the interview? along with any other photos, flyers? I will send you a current “weltklang”-promo pic very soon.

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