1979 - 1984

Art Academy AKI , Enschede NL.

1980 – 1981

Lived as a squatter in England and played in the bands The Dansettes and Trotskys Boxes.


Returned to the Netherlands and recorded in the bedroom of a friend a solo music cassette C22, including the song Back to Burnsley. 22 copies were made and given away to friends and family. One was send to BBC discjockey John Peel who played the song several times telling his audience to get THE record! Some of the songs found their way on compilation cassettes like HEMBRUG (distribution Finger In The Dike records).

1981 – 1982

Founded together with Emile Toorop and Kees de Groot the audio-video band Opel Kadett later renamed as Auto Awac. The video “In The Interest of Science and Technology” is the pioneer video of the so-called 3rd video generation. (distribution: )

1982 – 2000

Start of the audio-visual cooperation between Ron Sluik and Reinier Kurpershoek under the name Sluik/Kurpershoek, videos and cds were released in the 18 years they worked together(for videography see: ) cd 1982 –1992, cd Matria Europa – borderthoughts (1996 / distribution Kunstruimte Kampen). Worlwide participation on numerous video and fim festivals and works amongst others in collections of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Centre Pompidou Paris.


DAASK (Dedo, Auto Awac, S/K), English tour and cassette release HOLY ISLAND.


Ricorso. Collaborationproject between 7 Dutch and English artists. Dutch concert tour and cassette release RICORSO PROJECT.

1995 –1997

VATRA (Fire), the Brand group: NURR (Germany), Ivan Faktor (Croatia), S/K (NL), Kees de Groot / PlanetArt (NL) and Calin Dan (Romania). cd VATRA (distribution: Staalplaat A’dam).


Sluik decided to switch the Netherlands for former Soviet republic Moldova. Lives and works in Chisinau. Curator of Art Centre AoRTa for contemporary art and photography (Gallery, Artist in Residence, Publishing House).

Thank you Ron Sluik for submitting this information.