Bal Paré

Bal Paré

  • 1981

  • Hamburg, Germany

  • Matthias Schuster
    Jan T. Krahn
    Jürgen Weiß
    Kirsten Klemm
    Manfred Asmus

Matthias Schuster, Kirsten Klemm and Jan T. Krahn initially started started their collaboration under the name Jeanette und das Land Z in the spring of 1981 publishing a first 7“ („Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son“/“Raumpatrouille“) on Konkurrenz, a sub-label of Phonogram at that time.
One year later the band was joined by drummer Jürgen Weiss and recorded their first LP at Phonogram studios in their hometown Hamburg. Struggling with the with label about the album release, the band decided to take over the Konkurrenz sub-label and to release the finished material on their own. Pointing out their now independent status and the new line-up, the band changed their name to Bal Paré as an hommage to German chansonette and actress Hildegard Knef and her song Es war beim Bal Paré.
Bal Paré published their first album Hamburg Paris Catania in 1982, followed by Metamorphose which was released on Krautrock Records in 1985. After that the band changed line-up and name again, giving birth to Ting Voice of which a self-titled 12“ was published in 1989.