We’re excited to announce that our new releases will be ready to ship out on Friday, May 2nd. The following titles will be ready:

MW052 Soma Holiday - Shake Your Molecules EP

Nothing but gorgeousness seems to characterise the work of the Minimal Wave imprint over the recent years. It’s a label that is both unpredictable and continuously elegant in its choice of reissues. This time, it’s a wonderful unearthing of Soma Holidays cult-hit, Shake Your Molecules. The Franco-American duo was part of Brooklyn’s clique of artists throughout the 1980’s, and although their sound is firmly representative of that era, the tracks are still ridiculously fresh and seductive both in their melodies and vocals. The title track is a sort of synth-pop tune gone wrong in a good way, where drugged-up lyrics meets morphing synths and metallic drum machines, whereas the Dub cut could easily be played in most techno DJ sets these days. On the B-side, we have the charming, atmospheric glow of “Too Many People” and “Art Dimension”, the top pick in our opinion and one which is screaming to be be remixed into a contemporary house tune. - Juno, UK

CITI013 Further Reductions - Woodwork LP

Minimal Wave sister label Cititrax have been teasing fans with the prospect of a Further Reductions album from Shawn O’Sullivan and Katie Rose and the six tracks on Woodwork more than live up to expectations! Although O’Sullivan will be known to most for his industrial leaning techno productions for labels like Avian, L.I.E.S. and The Corner, the Further Reductions collaboration with Katie Rose dates back as far as 2008, formed to explore a vocal-led, contemporary take on the minimal wave sound. According to Cititrax, Woodwork combines the influences of classic techno and early house to create “super lush and atmospheric tracks that work both on and off the dance floor.” There’s something XTRMNTR era Primal Scream about “High End Basics” whilst “Void Of Course” sounds like gloopy acid house slowed down to a deathly crawl, the rest you should experience for yourself. - Juno, UK

Full review via The Quietus: http://thequietus.com/articles/15118-further-reductions-woodwork-review

MW054 Sandra Electronics - Want Need EP

After last year’s brooding 7”, Regis and Silent Servant return to Minimal Wave with their Sandra Electronics project and to be honest, we couldn’t be more excited. Hearing what these two techno leviathans are up to in their more industrial modes is both a privilege and a pleasure to the ear-drums. Exploring the genre-less corners of coldwave and post-punk, this six-track EP is probably one if this year’s hottest releases so far. From the crisp, metallic drum twists of “It Slipped Her Mind” to the almost Middle-Eastern sounds of “Protection Now!”, and the noisy, Gristle-like bounce of “Publicity (demo)”, it’s a total winner in our books. You also get a live version of “Want Need”, where the duo culminate into total insanity and tie things off in fine style. Are these two going to concentrate on this kind of stuff form now one? We hope so, this is it. Highly recommended. - Juno, UK

Karl O’Connor aka Regis presents an effective “best of” his Sandra Electronics project on a posh Minimal Wave pressing, comprising re-edited and remastered versions of all yer favourites, replete with rare demos and live versions. Aided and abetted by current band member Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant, O’Connor presents slickly re-edited versions of the droning, buzzing bomb ‘It Slipped Her Mind’, the tripped-out lurker ‘Protection Now!’, an extended, searing version of the skeletal ghoul riddim ‘New Purpose’, plus its more melodic demo version, beside a live mix of the snake-hipped ‘Want Need’, and demo version of shoegazing swell-on, ‘Publicity’. Class. - Boomkat, UK

Full review via Juno Plus, http://www.junodownload.com/plus/2014/04/29/sandra-electronics-want-need/

Then in conjunction with the RBMA / Brooklyn Flea Record Fair on May 10th, we will be releasing a limited edition cassette of Sandra Electronics “Sessions” recordings. Sandra Electronics will be at the fair to sign the Want Need EP and the Sessions tapes between 11-3pm, and will also be doing a DJ set from 4-5pm.
MW053 Sandra Electronics - Sessions Cassette.
The Brooklyn Flea Record Fair
Saturday, May 10th
90 Kent Avenue at North 7th Street
East River State Park, Brooklyn