We’re sad to announce that the legendary NYC storefront station, East Village Radio is closing today, May 23, 2014. Veronica Vasicka, one of its co-founders, began doing her weekly radio show there in 2003 when it was a pirate radio station airing locally on 88.1FM. Her show was called Minimal-Electronik Plus. Actually, the show was one of the main inspirations to form the Minimal Wave label in 2005. Shortly thereafter, the radio station moved into a storefront space and evolved into one with a worldwide presence, streaming to anyone, anywhere who had an internet connection. The variety in content and the street level accessibility made it a very unique place, that drew in all kinds of creative talent. We are going to miss the station immensely. In honor of Veronica’s passion and dedication, we will be creating a section on our site to house all her Minimal Wave radio show archives. And she will continue doing her show via another outlet, further news regarding those details will be posted soon.

Special thanks to the following artists for appearing on the show: Tona Ohama, Jeremy Kolosine of Futurisk, Martin Lloyd of Oppenheimer Analysis, Matthias Schuster, Daily Fauli, Jyl, Stereo, Medio Mutante, Traxx, Beau Wanzer, Shawn O’Sullivan, Further Reductions, Talker, Prostitutes, Martial Canterel, Alessandro Adriani, Regis, Silent Servant, and everyone else who stopped by over the years.

Stream the last show here.