We’re pleased to announce that the re-press of the Decadence LP by French duo Deux will be available in February, 2017. Gérard Pelletier and Cati Tête formed Deux after meeting in Lyon in 1981. Their music can be described as minimal synth with stripped down rhythm compositions and suitably cold duets. Their influences are a perfect blend of Kraftwerk and French synthpop.

Between 1983 and 1992, they released a cassette and several rare singles. They also appeared on the V/A BIPP LP (2006) and on the V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes: Vol 1 LP (2010). Check their lovely videos linked below. The Decadence LP features selections of their old material, newly remastered. It is a hand numbered second edition of 999 copies, pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and housed in a heavy matte jacket lined in pale blue. Check the sound samples below. Pre-order, here.

Review by Scott Mau, “Another great find from Minimal Wave, Deux’s style can be hard to pin down; theirs is a rare combination of Kraftwerk precision and a coldwave coolness flavored by the vibe of French songwriters like Serge Gainsbourg and Francoise Hardy. There is at times a basic similarity to Stereo Total (listen to “Paris Orly”) as well as Gina X, but the comparison only goes so far, as Deux are utterly elegant and cool. They never allow their songs to go into the hyper, spazzy new wave pogo cliché zone. “Dance With Me” is a perfect example of a Kraftwerk/Serge collaboration. “La Camion” comes across like a Francoise Hardy/Gainsbourg duet for some lost film’s end credits. “Sex and Trouble” almost sounds like a French take on the darker side of Altered Images (no squeaking voices here though). Aside from these, the best final comparison I can make is to fellow Minimal Wavers, Linear Movement. There is just something about a male/female duo that can writes such varied, elegant songs, as sultry and sexy as they are cool and laid back. It’s also worth pointing out that though these are synthpop songs that are completely authentic and of the time, the band are not nearly as obsessed with over-arching dramatic synth and bleepy robot pop as was typical. While many of their peers could be accused of being drenched in stylization, Deux manage to infuse the qualities of their genre with a rare degree of intimacy. For mature audiences only perhaps? Recommended!”.

R.I.P. Gérard Pelletier (1952-2013).

Game And Performance
Dance With Me
Le Coloir
Paris Orly
Sex And Trouble
Ministry Of Love
Le Camion